Market for Network Forensics Tools Expected to Keep Growing

Network forensics is often thought of reactively, as a tool to be employed only after something has happened. Today, however, in which the pace and frequency of ecommerce is consistently increasing, forensics can no longer be treated as an afterthought. Rather, businesses must focus on network monitoring and analysis in real time if they hope to avoid the huge costs— both in revenue and in consumer trust—that cybercrime can take on their operations.

This importance is highlighted in a recent study that valued the market for network forensics tools between $120 and $180 million. That valuation is only expected to grow as companies compete for a share of a widening pie and focus on tighter integration of security tools.

The wide scale adoption of network monitoring tools is a result of their immense utility. Some of the benefits of the tools include:

  • 24/7 capturing of network and security data exchanges
  • Reduced mean-time-to-resolution through the elimination of crime reproduction problems
  • Better understanding of compliance issues
  • Enhanced implementation of governmental and Human Resources regulations

If those benefits aren’t enough to convince you of network forensics’ utility, you might also consider some of their wide-ranging capabilities:

  • Comprehensive data collection: Allows quick access to any and all network data in a single, easily-searchable system
  • Flexible data collection: Easily tailored to specific ecommerce needs and setups
  • High-level analysis: Eliminates the need for forced or reactionary tactics, focusing instead on preventative measures

Whatever the scope of your business, powerful network monitoring tools can head problems off and, if and when problems should occur, allow for comprehensive understanding and troubleshooting. In such a rapidly growing and competitive global marketplace, network forensics can mean the difference between crippling security issues or enhanced customer loyalty and peace of mind.

View a recent WildPackets survey on Trends in Network Forensics to gain insight on adoption, uses and importance.

Security Series Part 5: Are you Monitoring Your Employees Too?

Network security is everyone’s responsibility.

Many organizations task specific departments with implementing and monitoring security protocols. Much of the time, these efforts are focused on customer interactions, being that any compromising of client data (especially during the sales and service process) makes for terrible publicity and is the quickest way to ruin a customer relationship.

However, with the mobility and frenetic pace of today’s marketplace, it is just as important to develop and implement comprehensive internal security protocols and solutions.

An area of company communications that is especially vulnerable is WLAN. Because it uses radio transmissions, these exchanges are inherently more difficult to secure than wired LANs and are more prone to being intercepted. So, a key for modern businesses is ensuring that all employees are following security protocols to the letter. That’s what makes solutions like WildPackets’ OmniPeek so powerful and appealing.

OmniPeek is a wireless network analyzer and software console that offers an intuitive, easy-to-use graphical interface that allows rapid data analysis and troubleshooting on enterprise networks.  

A few of the key features include:

  • Deep packet inspection
  • Comprehensive 802.11 analysis, including 802.11ac
  • Complete VoIP monitoring and analysis
  • Application performance monitoring

For a quick look at OmniPeek in use, view the video below

With so many tools in one affordable offering, a wireless network analyzer like OmniPeek allows businesses to keep an eye on their security at all times. For that kind of feature richness and peace of mind, many business owners would pay a small fortune. But that’s arguably OmniPeek’s best attribute: you get all of these game-changing features for an affordable price.

Use Comprehensive VoIP Monitoring & Analysis to Improve Performance

With over 10 years of deployment history, VoIP is the primary voice solution for just about every company in existence – large, medium, or small. But even with all that history, recent research from TRAC shows that VoIP is still the number one IT initiative impacting network performance. And, with the growth of 802.11 and Wi-Fi enabled smart phones, the use of voice over Wi-Fi (VoFi) promises to increase the volume of VoIP traffic even more.

However, analysis of VoIP traffic alone is not enough – it should be merely one component of your overall network performance analysis. After all, VoIP is just another type of data impacting your network’s overall performance. The answer: monitor and analyze the network as a whole, including voice and video over IP.

Join us on July 23rd  for a webinar to see how easy WildPackets has made it to capture and analyze voice, video, and data traffic simultaneously. We’ll demonstrate how simultaneous capture and analysis allows you to pinpoint the impact of each data type on your overall network performance.