Latency & Your Bottom Line

Latency is a terrible thing and can cost companies a lot of money when systems fail because of it. Companies that depend on their networks to run business critical applications need to measure latency 24×7 and have plans in place to fix it before it is too late. However, not all latency is equally bad so latency monitoring applications need to be intelligent and flexible wholesale inflatable water slides.

Enter the Latency Monitor. This add-on application, available now for Omni 3.0, provides an intelligent and flexible way to determine and react to latency. The Latency Monitor is designed to produce meaningful notifications about latency across groups of servers as well as specific applications. This type of high value notification can be used by a company to build procedures, both manual and automated, to react and fix problems before they occur. Being able to fix problems before they occur can result in saving money and making money depending on the type of company.

Saving Money
The example of using the Latency Monitor to save money is going to be the most common scenario. In this case a company uses the Latency Monitor on critical applications to ensure that Latency does not exceed an acceptable threshold. If Latency does exceed the threshold a notification is sent and the appropriate actions can be taken either automatically or manually to lower the latency. By lowering the latency before access to critical applications effects the users the company saves money in a number of ways. For one the users did not stop working which would have resulted in loss of revenue. And two, the IT department did not have to take calls from the users who would not have been able to access the applications. In other words, all of the time spent reacting to the problem, fixing the problem, and waiting for the problem to be fixed did not happen. This can save a company a lot of money.

Making Money
An example of using the Latency Monitor to make money is a company who charges for clicks to its web site. The more clicks the network can carry and the system can process, the more money the company will make. In the new age internet economy this is a very common business model. The Latency Monitor helps the company to make money by providing intelligent notifications about latency. These notifications give the company an opportunity to increase capacity before the system loses any hits. By increasing capacity more hits can be processed and more money is made.

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