Network trend analysis to troubleshoot FTP server

Greg Crosby, network services manager for The Seattle Times
talks about how he can look at multiple devices simultaneously and
perform trend analysis across the network with OmniPeek. Prior to using
OmniPeek, Crosby’s team had to “[plug] laptops with protocol sniffers
into ports on individual network devices to analyze packet traffic.”

Recently, Crosby had an intermittent problem
with their FTP server that would have been a mess to troubleshoot. “If
we were using laptops, we would have had to put six laptops on [the
network devices] and we would have had to centralize our captures and
analyze each capture independently.”

Read the rest of Shamus McGillicuddy’s article on SearchNetworking.com for more details about how they solved this problem and how they use OmniPeek to fix network problems.

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