Simplify analysis – packet-based traffic & Netflow statistics in one UI

Getting whiplash switching from screen to screen as you analyze packed-based traffic and Netflow statistics? Well stop your suffering! Now you can use the WildPackets(R) OmniPeek(R) UI that you know and love to do both.

With the WildPackets NetFlow Analyzer for OmniPeek you can analyze packet-based traffic as well as network traffic data coming from the various Cisco routers and switches that are spread all over your network. The NetFlow Analyzer for OmniPeek provides a new level of access to the network traffic; you can quickly and easily see all traffic by user, department, application, network protocol, and type of service. Combined with the deep packet inspection of OmniPeek, you now have complete visibility into usage, performance, and availability statistics.

The WildPackets NetFlow Analyzer is a remote adapter extension for OmniPeek that captures and analyzes NetFlow traffic in two ways.

1. Like other NetFlow clients, the NetFlow Analzyer can listen and collect NetFlow data that is being sent directly to it.

2. Unlike other NetFlow clients – because OmniPeek is a packet analyzer – the NetFlow Analyzer can also passively capture NetFlow packets being sent to other clients and display the NetFlow statistics for these packets as well.

In both cases, the NetFlow statistics can be displayed in the monitor windows as well as individual capture windows.

The NetFlow Analyzer identifies top talkers, protocols, and applications throughout the entire network making it easy to isolate and investigate excessive network bandwidth utilization and application traffic. In addition, you can easily set alerts to be notified upon suspicious activities and events. Common network error conditions are included in OmniPeek and custom events are easily created. The current version of the OmniPeek NetFlow Analyzer supports NetFlow versions 5, 9, and templates 256 and 257.

Availability: Now on MyPeek

Cost: Free to OmniPeek(R) Professional and OmniPeek(R) Enterprise customers with current maintenance agreements

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