Network World Awards WildPackets' OmniPeek a Perfect 5!

We are excited that Network World’s recent review of WLAN tools awarded WildPackets’
OmniPeek a perfect score of 5.0!

In total, six products were reviewed in a WLAN “bake-off” of sorts. OmniPeek received the highest scores possible in each category – features, ease of use, documentation, and installation.

In the review, Craig Mathias, principal at Farpoint Group, notes –
“OmniPeek’s flexibility is first-rate… The product also enables a high degree of customization, including the ability to extend analysis with custom code (for specialized protocols). Complete filtering is also provided, allowing a user to focus only on particular packets or protocols … Overall, this product was by far the easiest to use. We had to turn to the manual only to rate the documentation’s quality, which was also excellent.”

We couldn’t agree more!

To view the entire review, check out http://www.networkworld.com/reviews/2009/011909/2009/011909-wlan-test-wildpackets.html

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