Network Traffic Management and Analysis Survey Results from Interop

At Interop 09 this past week in Las Vegas, WildPackets asked attendees of our mini-courses three questions:

  1. What types of networks do you manage?
  2. What is your average network throughput?
  3. What are your primary usages for network traffic analysis software?

NOTE: With the exception of question 2, respondents could select more than one answer. For question 1 and 3, percentages will not add up to 100%.

  • Types of Networks Managed by Respondents:
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  • Average Network Throughput Reported by Respondents:
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  • Respondents’ Primary Usages of Network Analysis Software:
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Some of the findings mirrored trends that journalists and analysts have reported on. For example,

  • Over 59% of the respondents managed a Gigabit Ethernet network. 35% of the respondents who reported managing a Gigabit Ethernet network managed a 10 Gigabit Ethernet network as well.
  • Over 61% of the respondents who managed VoIP/Video in their network, managed either a Gigabit Ethernet network or both a Gigabit and 10 Gigabit Ethernet network.
  • Over 34% of the respondents do not manage 10/100 Ethernet networks.
  • 7% of the respondents manage only a Wireless network. Likewise 7% of the respondents managed only a 10/100 Ethernet network.

trend we were surprised to find was that very few respondents (7%) use
network traffic analysis software for post-capture (forensic) analysis.
The majority of respondents continue to use the software for either
local (55%) or distributed (41%) real-time troubleshooting and

The mini-course session attendees are not a broad sample of North American network professionals. Many of the respondents were from California, Arizona, or Nevada. To get a better representation of the networks managed today by network professionals, we’re opening up the survey online from Thursday May 28 through Friday June 19th.

As a thank you for participating in our survey, we’ll enter your name into a drawing for the latest iPod Touch. Your personal information will not be associated with your answers. If you prefer, you can also participate in the survey anonymously. We’ll publish the results in the July Peeks newsletter, as well as announce who won the drawing.

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