Preventing Cyber Attacks

In the last few days, cyber attacks have infiltrated U.S. and South Korean government agencies. Some sites still remain down.

While this attack is highly sophisticated and far-reaching, it illustrates just how crucial network security is in a world where organized cyber-terrorism can bring down even the most prominent sites. Your website may not be the next target, but if it was, how would you go about protecting it?

For starters, an analysis tool that specializes in viewing and understanding what the network is doing can help. You need something that will:

   1. Analyze and characterize any attack.
   2. Apply filters to isolate malicious behavior. This will define what action is needed to mitigate the effect if an attack slips past network defense.
   3. Equip your network IT team with a powerful incident response tool that can be used in real time and visually represents attacks.

With the proper network tool — something like a network security Swiss Army Knife — IT personnel can zero-in on the problem and troubleshoot.

Network forensics works on analyzing historical network traffic in order to conduct investigations for security attacks. Using network forensics security teams can reconstruct the sequence of events that occur at the time of a breach and get the complete picture. The right network forensic solution in place enables IT managers and network engineers to discover and eliminate possible threats in the network and provide lawful interception capabilities when needed.

Our solution, OmniPeek, for example, helps IT personnel analyze data by capturing network traffic at key network points and minimizes traffic loads on the network that can be caused by polling devices this allows you find the data you’re looking for quickly and easily. When dealing with network security breaches, time is of the essence.

We’ve seen quite a few network attacks – our solutions combat security vulnerabilities and our products are used by a number of government agencies. As these recent attacks demonstrate, the hackers are getting more sophisticated. It makes you wonder, if the most secure sites in the world are being compromised, what does that mean for enterprises?

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