Top 10 OmniPeek Plug-ins

The OmniPeek Plug-ins are flying off the shelves. And they should, since they are free to customers with maintenance. There are over 40+ plug-ins available on MyPeek. Some are more popular than others. To help you decide which ones to try first, we have taken a look at the stats, and have come up with the top 10 most downloaded plug-ins.


Compass Forensics Dashboard with enhanced Milliseconds view

The Compass Forensics Dashboard is our latest innovation, fundamentally changing the way network analysis is done with OmniPeek.   Compass analyzes and loads node and protocol statistics across multiple trace files into a database.   The user can then selectively overlay  those statistics in a graph over time, visually correlating network traffic details.   The graph is an interactive timeline that  can change the statistics on the fly to bits, bytes, megabits, gigabits, or packets per second.  The timeline has sliders that are used to drill-down to an enhanced milliseconds view, or load the packets for the currently selected slice of time.  Read more…


Google Map Plug-in!

The Google Map Plug-in displays a Google Map in the OmniPeek capture window showing the locations of all the public IP addresses of captured packets. This feature is a great way to monitor your Web site at a high level and to see in real time where in the world those hits are coming from.  Read more…


The Instant Messenger Plugin

This plugin displays conversations for the AIM, MSN, and Yahoo protocols in real-time, showing the screen names of the people chatting as well as the actual text. Individual screen names can be selected, showing only the conversations for that screen name. Read more…


Remote TCPDump Adapter

The Remote TCPDump Adapter for OmniPeek is a revolutionary new way to monitor network traffic remotely. With OmniPeek and the Remote TCPDump Adapter you can dramatically extend the reach of your network monitoring capabilities by turning virtually every Linux and Unix based machine on your network into a network probe, and you can do this without installing any new software on those remote machines. Read more…


NetFlow Analyzer Plug-ins

The NetFlow Analyzer Plug-ins for the OmniPeek Console and OmniEngine collect NetFlow traffic and display NetFlow statistics in OmniPeek. Read more…


Wireless Channel Aggregator

The WildPackets’ Wireless Channel Aggregator captures wireless  packets from multiple channels simultaneously (without scanning), measures vital statistics on each channel separately, and calculates the latency of devices roaming between access points. Read more…


Regular Expression Filter Plug-in

The FilterMe Plug-in allows the user to create and maintain a list of regular expressions that can be used as filters during real-time capture and file windows. Read more…


WatchMe Plug-in

The WatchMe and Browser Plug-ins displays web pages. The WatchMe Plug-in follows links in real-time that network users are surfing to, while the Browser Plug-in reassembles packets back into web pages. Read more…


FindMe Plug-in

The FindMe Plug-in adds a tab to the capture window that contains a list of text strings that are searched for each packet. As packets are being processed, the plug-in searches for each instance of each text entry in each packet and makes log entries when the text is found. Read more…


Latency Monitor

The Latency Monitor measures network and application latency. These are graphed together and can be easily compared to determine which one is the culprit. Alarms can also be set to inform you if latency thresholds are exceeded. Read more…

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