New Feature: View Traffic down to the Millisecond with WildPackets Compass

In today’s gigabit networks, a lot can happen in a second.   Unfortunately, most network analyzers nly graph statistics down to a second or higher.   This means that no matter how much happened in one second, you will only see at most one point of detail in the graph.   Boo!

With the release of Compass, a major new feature has been added that allows a slice of time to be graphed in milliseconds.

For example, here is a file displayed in seconds mode:


Wow, look at that amazing detail … Not!   As you can see, there is a lot of traffic, but only 1 point of detail in the graph for every second.   This is great way to start, and allows you to see the big picture, and find an anomaly, a spot of interest, or an obvious problem area. But what if the problem occurred in a gig or more worth of traffic that occurred in just a few seconds?   How do you see the detail in that without having to load some packets and go back to old school network forensics techniques?

Well, with Compass it is easy.  Just select a reasonable slice of time with the interactive sliders,  and then hit the Milliseconds interval at the top.  BAM!   Compass will generate a milliseconds view for you on the fly.    In the milliseconds view you will see 1000 milliseconds of detail for each second.    Ok, now that is what I call drill down.


With the new Milliseconds view, you can not only see a lot more about what happened during each second, but you can also use the sliders to zoom in on just some of the milliseconds that you want to see specific node and protocols utilization statistics for, or go ahead and load the packets for that specific slice of time, and take advantage of the rest of OmniPeek’s packet analysis capabilities.

WildPackets Compass for OmniPeek Enterprise is an interactive dashboard for post-capture network forensics on high-utilization wired or wireless networks. This plug-in is freely available for download from MyPeek to maintenance users.  Yes, you heard that right, free, free, free.  So why waste any more time digging through gigs and gigs of packet files to find the problem area to analyze?  Start with Compass, drill-down, find the problem area fast, and analyze just those packets.

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