Identify and Solve Latency Issues Quickly with Latency Monitor for OmniPeek

Recently, we posted “Three tips for determining whether latency is caused by the network or application,” which investigated the potential causes of latency along with suggestions for effective latency monitoring. It turns out that a lot of people were interested in the topic, as evidenced by the volumes of detailed comments generated on LinkedIn Group forums. So we’ve decided to offer additional insight on latency issues and explain how Latency Monitor, a free add-on application for our OmniPeek protocol analyzer, can help organizations fight latency issues and ultimately, save money.

If latency issues cause system failures, it can cost a lot of money to fix. It needs to be monitored 24/7 in order to successfully run business critical applications. However, not all latency issues are created equal and monitoring applications need to be intelligent and flexible to accommodate specific

Latency Monitor provides an intelligent and flexible way to determine and react to latency. It is designed to produce meaningful notifications across groups of servers as well as specific applications. This type of high value notification system can be used to build procedures, both manual and automated as well as react and fix problems in advance. By fixing problems before they occur,
companies save money.

By monitoring the level of latency, Latency Monitor makes sure it does not exceed an acceptable threshold. If levels become unmanageable, a notification is sent. Appropriate actions can be taken either automatically or manually to lower the latency. By lowering the latency before end users are affected, they can continue working, the IT department remains undisturbed and the company
ultimately saves money.

There is no doubt that latency can be expensive and a serious threat to productivity if not monitored closely. By providing intelligent notifications, the Latency Monitor for OmniPeek helps organizations save money by identifying and solving latency problems quickly.

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