TimeLine Network Recorder is Unveiled

Our blog last week explored a common misconception that even though several protocol analysis and troubleshooting solutions claim ”line-rate” analysis, the actual rate at which packets are written to disk without data loss varies greatly — the majority of solutions have a capture rate of somewhere in between 4-6 Gbps. We are excited to say that’s no longer the case with our newest product, TimeLine Network Recorder!


The introduction of TimeLine at Cisco Live! brings the capture and analysis of traffic on highly utilized networks to a whole new level. Independent test lab, Miercom verified it as one of the fastest, continuous solutions in its class, achieving capture-to-disk without any loss for traffic rates up to 11.2 Gbps. That is nearly three times faster than similar solutions!

TimeLine also offers unsurpassed network traffic collection and recording, quick data rewinding, simultaneous real-time network monitoring and rapid search and forensic analysis of collected data. With TimeLine, all network issues can be identified, analyzed, reconstructed and resolved quickly.


Using TimeLine, enterprises have complete visibility across their network with its advanced port aggregation and display of media statistics including network utilization, protocols, packet sizes, packets per second, jitter and packet loss in real-time. TimeLine analyzes historical network traffic and rewinds data quickly for troubleshooting, application, security and business transaction analysis and human resource and policy compliance. The TimeLine graph, allows visualization and interaction with statistics generated from large amounts of network data. There are even pre-defined forensics templates and customized search options to simplify the searching process.

Lastly, WildPackets’ OmniPeek Enterprise Network Analyzer can be used in conjunction with TimeLine to reconstruct VoIP, IM, Email, and Web applications in their original format. Additionally, TimeLine offers advanced video and VoIP analysis, including a customized dashboard, signaling and media analyses, VoIP playback and visual expert analysis.

A list of TimeLine’s unique features:

  • Fastest, continuous network traffic capture available
  • Interactive, detailed timeline visualization of data in real-time
  • Rapid, post-capture forensics search and data retrieval, including deep packet
  • Real-time, distributed monitoring and alerting for both network and media data in a
    single solution
  • On-the-fly application reconstruction
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use User Interface

TimeLine’s innovative capture-to-disk technology represents a milestone in enterprise network analysis. By reproducing and solving intermittent network issues faster than any other solution in its class, it’s exactly what enterprises need to stay productive, competitive and profitable.

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