Let Your Voices Ring Out

According to our most popular posts last year, you – our readers – are interested in learning more about Latency, Privacy, and of course, our OmniPeek Network Analyzer.

Disagree? Want to read about a different topic? Here’s your chance to tell us. We have an anonymous poll that takes less than a minute to complete from start to finish. You can comment here. Or you can tweet @WildPackets. So far we’ve gotten a request from Jim R (@jmr3105) for materials on IPv6/ICMPv6.

What’s your fancy? Remember that there’s a bounty; we use your idea and you get a Limited Edition “It Goes to 11″ TimeLine t-shirt.USA

In case you missed them, the Top 5 posts for 2010, as determined by unique pageviews were

  1. Three Tips for Determining Whether Latency is Caused by the Network or Application
  2. Slow Network, Slow Application, Slow Server?
  3. Greed vs. Privacy, aka, Van Valin and Mertz vs. Google
  4. Top 10 OmniPeek Plug-ins
  5. 10 Cool Things You Can Do with OmniPeek

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