Wandering vs. Exploring – A Compass Is All You Need For Your Network

Compass is a new interactive dashboard that is included with WildPackets OmniPeek network analyzer. With its interactive graph, you can visualize and interact with utilization statistics from large quantities of wired or wireless network data, revealing the whole picture at a glance and finding specific areas of interest before digging in for additional detail. Seeing is believing; check out this quick tutorial to watch the functionality of Compass in the OmniPeek workflow.

Correlates Real-Time Data
Sometimes your need for network analysis is immediate. Compass can capture and display network data in real-time, showing you key network statistics and enabling real-time correlation of network data, like utilization per specific nodes and protocols, guiding you to the exact areas that need further examination.

Intermittent problems? Again, not a problem. You can use Compass to store data for as long as you need to, and it will display network data for the entire time data has been captured, again directing you to the specific data you wish to analyze.

Makes Post-Capture Network Forensics Easy
Most network analysis tools save network data in packet files, and on highly utilized networks these files can add up fast. How do you know where to look when you have a problem? Instead of uploading individual trace files to perform analysis, Compass guides users by uploading an infinite number of trace files for a full view of the network’s utilization. With this view, you can scroll back in time to detect when an anomaly on the network occurred. Once you have targeted the timeframe where more troubleshooting is needed, simply click the upload button on the top left of the screen and immediately the trace files will be uploaded to OmniPeek for detailed analysis, including deep packet inspection if required.

Reveals Microbursts
Billions of packets can flow through a gigabyte network within seconds, creating a phenomenon often called “microbursts.” Most network analysis software time-averages data to simplify processing and display. Time averaging, however, masks microbursts, thereby hiding potential problems on your network.

Compass includes a millisecond mode, which allows you to change on-the-fly the granularity of the dashboard from minutes to seconds to milliseconds. With the millisecond view, microbursts come to life, enabling you to see much more clearly potential problems on your high-speed, highly utilized network.

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