Compass Live Beta Available Now through October 31, 2011

As the volume of network traffic grows exponentially on today’s corporate networks, it’s becoming exceedingly difficult to know where to start network analysis when an error occurs. Often, network engineers turn to “freeware” packet analysis software, only to find themselves facing an intimidating packet list that gives no indication of where the problem is occurring on the network.

Your time is valuable; you need network monitoring software that takes you to the root of the trouble. WildPackets Compass Live is network-monitoring software that guides you to the exact areas that require deeper analysis.

Compass Live allows you to easily identify bandwidth issues by user or application and gain a complete understanding of an application’s network bandwidth requirements. In real-time mode, Compass Live can monitor and process data from multiple wired and wireless adapters simultaneously, and display high-level statistics, including network utilization, signal strength, and top nodes and protocols. Using the interactive timeline graph, you can zoom into any specific area of interest or time, and the top network statistics instantly update to reflect the new time period. You can also generate HTML reports that reflect exactly what’s displayed on the dashboard.

Compass Live is the only dashboard that provides visibility into post-capture network traffic from multiple segments. Network engineers can add multiple files into a single project view, and Compass Live analyzes and aggregates these files in just a few seconds and displays network statistics in a single, interactive graph. You can then save the aggregated trace files as .pkt or .pcp and quickly perform deep packet analysis.

Another interesting feature of Compass Live is its ability to graph signal strength for wireless networks, both for real-time monitoring and post-capture insight.

In July, WildPackets launched a free version of Compass (Compass Free). Compass Live offers the same functionality as Compass Free along with these additional capabilities:

• Real-time mode for rapid analysis of live network traffic
• Aggregated packet trace file analysis for long-term historical reporting and analysis
• Real-time wireless signal strength graphing and analysis
• Dynamic multi-level drilldown of nodes and protocols

For more information about Compass Live, including how to join the public Beta program, please visit this link: www.wildpackets.com/compass_live_beta_program.

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