Announcing Our Spring Roundtables

Our technical experts are taking to the streets and bringing our popular half-day Network Performance Roundtables to a town near you. In addition to treating you to a complimentary lunch at a local restaurant, our experts will walk you through a typical troubleshooting scenario and then explore why you need 24/7 monitoring and how to achieve a true picture of what’s happening in your network.

At the end of your roundtable, you’ll be armed with tips and tricks for realizing full capture and real-time visibility.

9:45 Registration
10:00 Welcome and Introductions
10:15 Total Network Visibility!

  • Implementing Distributed Packet Capture and Methodologies at 10G
  • VoIP Monitoring, Analysis, and Troubleshooting
    • Handling Conflicting Demands of Data and VoIP
    • Rethinking the Metrics: What do MOS, Jitter, and Latency Mean?
  • Configuring Your Virtual Network for the Realities of Network Analysis
    • Understanding Your Options
    • Monitoring and Analysis for Large Virtual Environments
  • WLAN Capture and Analysis
    • Troubleshooting Wired and Wireless Simultaneously
    • Troubleshooting Roaming Issues
  • Overview of WildPackets Product Lines
  • Questions

12:00 Lunch/ Q&A Roundtable Discussion

We plan to have a highly interactive session featuring real world examples and best practices for monitoring, analyzing, and troubleshooting wireless networks, virtual environments, VoIP calls, and 10G networks. Have a specific question you’re dying to know the answer to? Let us know and we’ll be sure to cover it in your session.

Attend a roundtable in your area and learn how to:

  • Implement total network visibility at 10G speeds
  • Monitor, analyze and optimize voice and video quality
  • Configure your virtual network for the realities of network analysis
  • Pinpoint network issues and anomalies on both wired and wireless networks

Dates and Locations

·         Thursday, May 17: Boston, MA
·         Tuesday, May 22: Little Rock, AR
·         Wednesday, May 23: Toronto
·         Thursday, May 24: Irvine, CA
·         Wednesday, May 30: San Jose, CA
·         Thursday, May 31: Des Moines, IA
·         Thursday, June 7: Winnepeg
·         Tuesday, June 19: Omaha, NE
·         Thursday, June 21: New York, NY
·         Thursday, June 28: Costa Mesa, CA

Reserve your seat today!

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