Is Omnipliance Portable Right for You?

We’ve been in the network monitoring and troubleshooting business for over two decades, and we’ve learned some very important things along the way, one being that sometimes you just need to be at the source of the problem. Over the years WildPackets has introduced a wide range of distributed analysis solutions that allow you to monitor and troubleshoot network segments anywhere in the world, but again, sometimes you just need to be there. Whether it’s because the segment in question cannot be remotely monitored – no tools, not Internet accessible, etc – or because the severity of the situation just demands face time, a portable network analysis solution is required.

When nothing but face time will do, WildPackets offers the Omnipliance Portable. This appliance is an integrated hardware/software solution ideal for performing network analysis of any type, from wireless to 10G. The primary goal of the appliance is portability, as the name implies, but the Omnipliance Portable is capable of much much more.

In addition to portability, any device you’re going to travel with needs to be rugged, and this is one of the primary design elements of this appliance. It’s built for the road warrior – light enough to carry yet able to stand up to any baggage handler.

Once the appliance is on site it’s all about the capabilities, and Omnipliance Portable is up to any network analysis and troubleshooting task. Right out of the case the unit is capable of analyzing both wired and wireless networks (simultaneously, if needed), up to 1G segments. If you also need to be prepared for 10G segments, the appliance can support up to two full duplex 10G analysis adapters, making this appliance the only solution you need for any on-site visit.

Software Options
Omnipliance Portable has two software options. For strictly portable operation we offer the appliance with OmniPeek Enterprise, our flagship network monitoring and troubleshooting application. OmniPeek Enterprise provides complete control of the device while on site, including advanced features like detailed, per call, VoIP analysis and full 10G performance.

But what if you require remote access to the appliance, whether from your hotel room in the evening to stay on top of a highly volatile situation, or because you want to leave the appliance on site to monitor a highly sporadic issue? In this case the unit can be configured with OmniEngine Enterprise and OmniPeek Connect, allowing both on-site access as well as remote access to the appliance, 24×7. The analysis capabilities remain the same, including VoIP and 10G, but this configuration offers a bit more flexibility for remote analysis.

Hardware Options
From a processing perspective, the appliance comes fully loaded, including dual quad-core Intel Xeon processors, 24G of RAM and 6TB of disk storage. The options come in the form of included network analysis adapters, or OmniAdapters. If your analysis needs never go beyond 1G network segments, our standard OmniAdapter will provide everything you need. But if you have 10G segments in your network, or are planning a transition to 10G in the near future, equipping the Omnipliance Portable with one or even two OmniAdapter 10G cards is the way to go. Fully loaded, you won’t find a more powerful portable solution on the market.

So, even though it’s the Omnipliance Portable, maybe we should call it the Omnipliance Portable, Rugged, High Performance, Flexible, Scalable? Now doesn’t that just roll off the tongue?

For more information on Omnipliance Portable, please click here. If you’re interested in seeing if the Omnipliance is a good fit for you, request an evaluation here.

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