Manage Your Network Monitoring with Omni Distributed Analysis Platform 7.1

As network complexity increases, the need arises for better monitoring through increased numbers of capture points. Previously, this has led to the problem of increased complexity in the network monitoring infrastructure itself. Now, WildPackets introduces Omni Distributed Analysis Platform version 7.1, to provide strong central management of the network monitoring system.

This blog post outlines 5 ways that you can regain control over your network with version 7.1.

1. Simplified Scalable Filtering
While networks are being asked to carry more traffic, that traffic is becoming increasingly specialized. WildPackets addresses your traffic analysis needs with scalable filters that allow you to add localized traffic specialization to OmniPeek network analyzers, OmniEngine software probes and Omnipliance and TimeLine network recorders.

The multi-address filter feature in the Omni platform handles up to thousands of discrete addresses per filter, with simple copy-and-paste configuration, to create filters which can be used across your teams for focused analysis of specific services.  Example uses include:

  • All IP addresses for the front-end servers of a web-based application, to monitor cross-cluster application performance.
  • All hardware addresses of “known” wireless clients, to expedite searching for guest devices or intruders on a Wi-Fi network.
  • Addresses identified as questionable or malicious by a SEIM or IDS, for rapid scoping and investigation of potential security incidents.

2. Enhanced Capture Log Handling
The Capture Log has long been a favorite tool among our uses for high-level event tracking, with many of our customers configuring the log for real-time export to external log monitoring systems. In version 7.1, we’ve enhanced the internal Capture Log with more sophisticated filtering. Example uses include:

  • Filtering on Expert events by severity to find evidence of network problems, narrowing the field of potential root causes, and reducing MTTR.
  • Searching for all events during specific timeframes to provide insight into network activity during known periods, such as a network outage or security incident.
  • Exporting the browsing history for a specific user.

3. In-depth Audit Log
Change management is critical for your networking equipment, and WildPackets provides a powerful solution for OmniEngine software probes and Omnipliance and TimeLine network recorders, with complex searching of the Audit Log via the OmniEngine Manager utility. Track the activities of your engineers by username, client IP address, and time, to determine who changed what and when.

4. Improved Batch Operations
As network performance becomes ever more important, scheduled downtime and change windows become smaller, making it necessary to use those maintenance opportunities effectively. The OmniEngine Manager utility allows you to pre-stage configuration and user ACL changes, with batch distribution for quick change deployment, and results per remote system to validate successful pushes. Version updates can similarly be distributed quickly, with a batch operation to keep all systems at the same version, and detailed results of the upgrade on each system available in the Audit Log.

5. Windows 8 Support
WildPackets is working hard to assure that you have access to the latest technology, with full support of Windows 8 on all Omni Distributed Analysis Platform modules that run on Windows.

6. OmniWiFi WLAN Capture Adapter Support
As a bonus, Omni Distributed Analysis Platform 7.1 includes support for the OmniWiFi WLAN Capture Adapter.  Read more about it here, or watch this blog for a post next week!

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