OmniWiFi – Making Wireless Network Analysis Easier

What do you think is the most common Tech Support question we get at WildPackets regarding wireless network analysis? Does OmniPeek support 802.11n? Does it support channel bonding? Though both are good questions, the most frequently asked question is far less technical, “What device can I use with OmniPeek to capture my wireless data?” And close on its heels is the corollary question “And where do I get the driver for the device?”

WildPackets eliminates the mystery with OmniWiFi. OmniWiFi is a USB WLAN (wireless LAN) adapter that has been specifically tested with OmniPeek network analyzer for wireless network analysis. Using a specific, capture-only driver, OmniWiFi captures all 802.11 packets and up to 802.11n 3-stream activity (450Mbps rating) in both the 2.4 and 5GHz bands. The device driver ships with OmniPeek (starting with version 7.1) making it readily available when you install OmniPeek.

Here are three key things you should know about OmniWiFi.

One Device to Rule Them All
OmniWiFi works with all 802.11 technologies (a/b/g/n) and supports all common 802.11 protocols and data types. The capture-only driver supports all channels, including international channels, and does not require any specific configuration or settings. It is fully compatible with both OmniPeek (for portable analysis) and OmniEngine software probes (for distributed, 24×7 monitoring and analysis). So, with OmniWiFi, you only need one device to address all of your WLAN analysis needs.

The Most Capable WLAN Capture Device Available
OmniWiFi is fully compatible with 802.11n, capturing up to 3-stream data (450Mbps) using either standard 20MHz channels or 40MHz “bonded” channels, short guard intervals, and aggregation (AMPDU and AMSDU). Compare OmniWiFi to AirPcap Nx, and you’ll be surprised. At a small fraction of the cost, OmniWiFi outperforms AirPcap Nx, which only captures 802.11n traffic up to 300Mbps (2-stream). If you thought Wireshark was free, think again. It requires an expensive WLAN capture device, and if you plan to do multi-channel analysis the cost adds up quickly. OmniWiFi makes commercial-grade wireless analysis and visualization affordable for everyone.

Advanced Analysis for Quick Root-Cause Analysis
In the real world, WLANs are deployed across multiple channels making it imperative to capture data on all channels in use – simultaneously – so critical data is not lost. OmniWiFi supports multi-channel aggregation, which also enables the ability to do complete roaming analysis to keep services like voice over wireless (VoFi) running smoothly for your mobile users.

Best of all, you can purchase OmniWiFi on Amazon.com. In just a few clicks you’ll have one, or perhaps many, OmniWiFi devices on their way to your location.

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