Network Monitoring: Making the Job of IT Departments Easier

The job of the IT department is no cake walk. From managing data centers to provisioning new applications to responding to help desk requests, IT departments are working around the clock to make sure business and other essential IT operations run smoothly.

Now, more than ever, these managers and network engineers are searching for solutions that allow them to quickly and more efficiently monitor and troubleshoot problems wherever they occur on the network. Because of this, many are turning to network monitoring solutions to help proactively identify, intercept and prevent issues from happening or becoming full-scale problems.

In fact, research analysts predict that the global real time network monitoring tool market will reach $670 million in 2014.

However, don’t be fooled by its simple name as network monitoring is far more strategic than it may sound. Network monitoring is a critical IT function that can help IT personnel identify specific activities and performance metrics, which can be used to address various needs such as compliance requirements, security and operational visibility.

Moreover, these solutions help make the job of IT departments easier by:

  • Boosting Efficiency:  If a failure or irregularity occurs, IT personnel can be quickly informed via text or email alerts. Instead of waiting for the issues to be reported to them, IT can quickly diagnose and correct issues before they become significant problems.
  • Increasing Productivity:  With remote features, IT managers are able to troubleshoot any server or workstation in their environment whether it’s down the hall or across the county, helping increase productivity.
  • Reducing Costs: With a network monitoring solution, IT departments don’t have to invest in complex, expensive systems as the solution eliminates a number of manual checks and tasks.  

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