Do you think 10G network performance monitoring tools are too expensive? Think again…

As more and more enterprises make the switch to 10G networks, the ability to perform 24×7 network monitoring is essential. Yet many of the current 10G network monitoring solutions are cost prohibitive because they are designed for recording and analyzing fully utilized, full-duplex, 10G networks.

To overcome this cost obstacle, many organizations try to limp along with their 1G network performance monitoring solutions. But TRAC Research found that there are several key challenges when using this approach, including dropped packets, lack of capabilities for analyzing and searching recorded network traffic, and inability to collect packets at all network locations. Below is a graph from a recent TRAC Research survey that displays the frequency of these problems.

Represented data from TRAC research on network monitoring research

At WildPackets, we know how important it is to have a full-featured network performance monitoring solution in place. And we also know that not every 10G network segment needs a six-figure appliance capable of monitoring a full 20G of network traffic. For this reason, WildPackets created a new midrange 10G solution with our new OmniAdapter 10G MX. This new 10G analysis solution allows network engineers to get visibility into less demanding 10G networks at a reasonable price. It is packed with a ton of capabilities, providing the ability to analyze and report network issues from all network locations.

Below are several areas that OmniAdapter 10G MX addresses, and that other packet-based network performance monitoring solutions often miss.

Collects every packet at all locations 24X7, minimizing network outages
Omnipliance Core with OmniAdapter 10G MX allows you to fully identify and address the conditions causing a network problem, monitoring all data coming in and out of the network. As a result, you are able to better understand why a problem occurred in the first place.

Reliable and deep insight into data collected
WildPackets’ new 10G solution provides organizations with the insight into how their networks are operating, with the additional benefit of evaluating how the network will continue to perform as network demand grows. With this added insight, organizations can easily detect network bottlenecks and remedy the issues in a timely and effective manner.

Rich reporting and search capabilities
Omnipliance Core’s enhanced capabilities help organizations reduce the time it takes to solve 10G network issues. With a new, intuitive user interface and Expert analysis and filters, organizations are able to detect network anomalies faster and more reliably.

In addition to these capabilities, WildPackets new 10G network monitoring solution is able to address the key capabilities organizations need per TRAC’s research. These capabilities are highlighted below.

Represented data from TRAC research on network monitoring research

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