The Importance of Knowing What your Network is Doing 24/7

Today’s businesses need to be up and running 24/7, and that means the network must be accessible and at peak performance at all times. Loss of network connectivity, availability, and functionality can be downright disastrous. Even a relatively short outage can cost thousands in lost productivity and IT hours spent trying to fix the problem.

Better to avoid downtime altogether. One way to ensure network continuity is network monitoring. Keeping an eye on the network at all times allows IT to identify potential problems so they can be remedied before they negatively affect business.

Network monitoring solutions, like OmniPeek from WildPackets, include sophisticated alerts and notifications to ease the network monitoring process. Here’s how network alerts and notifications aid network monitoring efforts:

Alerts users to changes in network traffic or performance: OmniPeek is pre-configured to send an alert when specific indicators drop below acceptable levels. Users can also define their own parameters, instructing OmniPeek to sound the alarm when certain thresholds are reached or crossed.

Allows for proactive addressing of network issues:  Alerts allow network managers to see issues before they affect network performance and availability. That way, potential problems can be corrected and downtime avoided.

Reduces false alarms: Pre-set alerts don’t always tell the whole story of the network, which fluctuates naturally due to time of day, business events, or other factors. Busy IT personnel only want to spend time responding to true problems. OmniPeek’s alerts are sophisticated, allowing users to specify dependencies between indicators. This reduces false alarms, while ensuring that IT is alerted of problems that need to be addressed.

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