Industry Spotlight: Why Government Agencies Need Network Monitoring

Government agencies face an enormous network monitoring challenge, one that affects national security. With cyber attacks increasing in sophistication and frequency, the chances of secure information being compromised or critical network services being disrupted grows. At the same time, government agency network monitoring must be streamlined and efficient, reducing redundancies and the added complexity that drive up costs.

As cyber attacks threaten national security, government agencies must step up their network intelligence and visibility so attacks can be avoided before they put sensitive data into the wrong hands.

Scalable: As the network accommodates more data accessed from more locations and varied devices, the need for expanded visibility and monitoring tools increases as well. Network monitoring solutions can provide visibility and security even beyond the four walls of the agency, to the cloud, mobile devices, and beyond.

Cost effective: Network monitoring reduces the time between when a cyber threat is detected and when it is dealt with, making it possible to shut down threats before they affect national security. Monitoring also maintains optimum performance and security in all the parts of the network, public and private, with fewer analytics, security, and WAN acceleration tools required. That means less infrastructure to purchase and maintain, and less money spent on damage control after a security breach.

Fast and agile:  Government agency IT personnel must identify threats to the network and respond to them quickly, before national security is compromised. Whether at the federal, state, or local level, keeping a government agency’s network running smoothly and safely is of paramount importance. That requires 100 percent network visibility, accurate analysis, and quick alerts to potential unauthorized access and other cyber threats.

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