Five Reasons Why Your Business Should Go Wireless

Is it time to cut the cord? Here are five reasons why your business should go wireless.

  1. Ability to work together, from anywhere:  A wireless network allows employees to take work with them from office to office, floor to floor, and conversation to conversation, without losing network connectivity. Wireless fosters a more organic and immediate style of working, as people access documents and applications on the go.
  2. Better service delivery: Wireless LAN puts service reps, employees, and contact center staff in touch with the information they need to answer customer queries and solve problems, from anywhere in your organization. For example, someone taking an order at the front desk for a product can check inventory in the warehouse or access a customer’s previous orders quickly, without the need for wires, on a simple device like a tablet.
  3. The right information at the right time: Wireless networking connects the various parts of your business, even if they aren’t all located under one roof. Instantly share information between the warehouse, mobile sales force, and accounts payable, for example, to keep the supply chain moving smoothly and customer satisfaction high.
  4. Scalability: As you add remote offices, employees, product or service lines, and customers, a wireless network can cost-effectively scale to fit your needs. Add users and capacity to your wireless LAN without paying for added infrastructure or adding to a tangle of cables.
  5. Guest access: Offer a wireless Internet connection to visitors, customers, vendors, and business partners as a special service that will make everyone who does business with your company feel like a VIP.

Keep in mind, providing for a mobile workforce drives unique requirements for analysis. A wireless network analyzer can analyze data from multiple access points and across multiple channels. This will enable you to pinpoint problems before they disconnect people from the network, providing a higher quality of service for your wireless environment.

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