Miercom Independent Tests Confirm Omnipliance TL’s Superior Performance Capabilities

We announced our new line of Omnipliances back in November, and today we’re happy to announce the results of independent testing that confirms the superior performance of our Omnipliance TL. The Omnipliance TL was awarded “Performance Verified” status by Miercom, a leading independent product testing company, who led the series of tests.

Miercom evaluated the Omnipliance TL network analysis and recorder for performance and functionality of its forensic capture and real-time monitoring capabilities. Miercom’s testing showed that Omnipliance TL records network traffic at a sustained rate of up to 25 Gbps with zero packet loss on 40G networks and can deliver full line-rate packet capture on 10G networks. Miercom also confirmed the intuitive visual format of the Omnipliance TL displays crucial network and media statistics in real time with no impact on the capture-to-disk rate.

The Miercom report confirms that WildPackets is the first and only vendor to capture 40G network traffic without dropping packets, which is a significant development for network forensics capabilities. Network forensics is the only practical analysis solution for 10G and 40G networks because traffic is flying by too quickly for IT engineers to monitor and analyze in detail through real-time dashboards. Analysis of packet-level network traffic enables organizations to detect technical and operational issues and respond with quick troubleshooting when problems arise. WildPackets’ zero-packet dropped solution is the only viable and cost-effective appliance for reliable network forensics.

If you want to learn more about Miercom’s analysis of the Omnipliance TL, read the complete report here.

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