What’s the state of network forensics? Take this survey to help us find out!

Last year, WildPackets conducted a survey to determine the extent of migration to 10G+ networks and the kind of problems network engineers and IT directors were experiencing along the way. One of the most surprising things we discovered (The State of Faster Networks) was that the practice of network forensics is not as widely used by organizations as we may have thought.

To follow up on this finding, we are issuing another survey, designed to help us learn why more companies aren’t using network forensics to capture, store and analyze network events.

We hope you’ll give us a few minutes of your time to take the survey and help add to our growing understanding of why companies adopt a network forensics solution.

To measure trends within the network forensics market, we’ll be collecting data on many of the same points as our previous survey, but with an added investigation into new areas, such as:

  • What are the key organizational challenges that have prevented you from implementing network forensics at your organization?
  • How has the increase in data traversing your network affected your ability to capture and analyze this data?
  • How important are network forensics capabilities to your organization?

Incentive for Your Participation – You Could Win!
In order to get robust answers to these questions, we need a healthy sample of respondents across the networking community. Because your time is valuable, we’re offering a great incentive: Complete the survey, and you will automatically be entered in a drawing to win one of two $50 Amazon.com gift cards.

How You Can Take the Survey
Simply click here to access the survey online. Provide your answers to the questions to complete the survey. At this time, you will be automatically entered in the gift card drawing, and we’ll announce the winners in late March. Please be sure to share the survey with your friends and colleagues: the more people we hear from, the more accurate our findings will be.

In the meantime, as we gather respondents and analyze the data, feel free to check out some of the other WildPackets content on network forensics.

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