The Changing Landscape in Network Performance Monitoring

Network performance monitoring is increasingly essential to organizations, especially as they transition to 10G+ networks.

In late 2013, TRAC Research, a market research and analyst firm that specializes in IT management, published research findings on key trends in the Network Performance Monitoring market. The research highlighted some challenges and common misconceptions, with the state of Network Performance Monitoring solutions.

Examining insights from more than 500 network performance monitoring user organizations, key findings included:

  • The network is becoming more of a strategic asset. Fifty-three percent of organizations are looking to network performance management to enable networks to support new technology rollouts and major strategic initiatives.
  • Troubleshooting in virtualized environments is a top challenge. Organizations reported that the inability to troubleshoot problems in virtualized environments is a top challenge for using Network Management Systems (NMS). As organizations virtualize their infrastructures, they are finding that the tools they previously deployed are no longer sufficiently effective in these new environments and they are looking for better solutions.
  • 10G networks are challenging to manage. As organizations adopt 10G networks, they are finding that the tools they previously used are no longer sufficient for monitoring and recording high-speed traffic. As a result, they are looking for solutions that are capable of analyzing and reporting issues at 10G line rate.
  • Price is an important factor. Fifty-eight percent of organizations said that vendor pricing for NPM solutions is very important in their selection process. “This shows that organizations are increasingly looking for more flexibility when evaluating NPM solutions and are expecting shorter time-to-value from these deployments.”

On Thursday, February 20, at 8:30 am PST, we’re hosting a webinar on The Changing Landscape in Network Performance Monitoring. TRAC Research Principle Analyst Bojan Simic will join WildPackets to discuss the findings of their research and his insight on the state of the network performance monitoring market. Sign up today to join us. You can register online.

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