Consultant Spotlight – Ben Miller

In our second installment of the Consultant Spotlight series, we profile Ben Miller, a wireless network consultant based in Los Angeles, CA. We spoke with Ben about his experiences in the industry as well as his experience training other consultants in the field. Read on to learn more about Ben’s work in wireless network consulting.

Ben’s Tips
Through his various experiences, Ben says the network challenge he most frequently encounters is a misunderstanding of Wi-Fi signal. The prevailing attitude used to be that you set up a wireless infrastructure and hoped each device connected to it worked properly, and then if there were problems it was thought to be a result of the devices themselves not being compatible with Wi-Fi. But Ben advises IT professionals that this is not the case. Instead, they need to tailor their network infrastructure to properly support the devices that are used.

Ben finds it really helpful to use a tool like WildPackets OmniPeek because it provide statistics that indicate what the problem is, and it is able to isolate captures of a single device and compare it to other devices.

About Ben
With more than a decade of experience in wireless network consulting, Ben has encountered an extensive variety of networking situations and developed his expertise.

Ben primarily provides network consulting to organizations through wireless networking courses that he directs. Working mostly with Global Knowledge, he performs training sessions to diverse groups in every industry, including healthcare, post-secondary education and retail chains, across the country. In these sessions, Ben teaches IT professionals the fundamentals of Wi-Fi to help them better understand the technology of their networks, including security risks and troubleshooting advice.

In addition to his trainings, Ben also works in the field, with post-installation network consulting to help organizations maintain their wireless infrastructures. This includes providing performance-based analysis to let them know where problems exist and what they could be doing better to maintain high-performing Wi-Fi.

Connect with Ben
To hear more from Ben Miller, check out his blog, Sniff WiFi, where he writes about surveys, analysis, security and all things Wi-Fi. You can also connect with him on Google+.

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