The Four Pillars of Cyber Attack Analysis

In this age of sophisticated attacks, network forensics is an essential capability of every business owner concerned about the security of information or systems. The moment that a notification alerts your IT team of a potential breach, you need to make sense of exactly what happened by answering a series of questions. What damage has been done? How was security breached? Can you reproduce the attack in order to ensure that it won’t happen again? Here is how to get the answers that you need:

Network Recording and Analysis – Best-in-class network recording offers a complete set of real-time statistics, quick data rewinding, simultaneous real-time network monitoring, and rapid search and forensic analysis of collected data. With a top-flight solution, network disruptions or intrusions on 10G and even 40G networks can be identified, analyzed, reconstructed, and resolved.

Searching and Inspection – Rather than spending time wading through log files in order to find irregularities, network forensics search and inspection technology allow administrators and security professionals to pinpoint signs of security events in archived network traffic.

Trend Analysis and Baselining – By characterizing norms—or baselines—for network and application usage, security personnel are better able to detect irregularities. Trend analysis helps to find problems that appear on the network and possibly prevent them from reoccurring. It also provides input to network planning teams about anticipated network growth.

Reporting – By capturing data and distilling analysis into reports, security and IT experts log the results of their investigations and review possible points of network exposure after an attack has taken place.

Network forensics presents your organization with a complete picture of your network, making it far easier to confirm that an attack has occurred. The unfortunate truth is that network invasions are unlikely to stop any time soon. The key is to be as prepared as possible in the event that it happens to you.

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