Breaking Down WildPackets’ Omnipliance Family of Network Forensics Appliances

As an IT manager, you are directly responsible for the protection and well-being of your network. When something happens—be it a crash or third party intrusion—you need access to technology that will allow you to gather data quickly to pinpoint exactly what happened and where it took place in your system.

Whether you are looking to pinpoint the exact location of a lost IP packet or you are looking for a lead on suspicious traffic passing through your network, WildPackets has all of the tools you need for advanced network forensics.

Here is a look at the basic Omnipliance product offerings from WildPackets for network forensics:

Omnipliance CX: The most affordable network monitoring solution, Omnipliance CX provides network recording for your 1G, 10G, or remote networks. Omnipliance CX network recorders feature pre-loaded OmniEngine Enterprise software that is ideal for use in your branch locations or in an SMB setting.

Omnipliance MX: Ideal for use in data centers, WANs, and NoC operations, the MX model is typically used to analyze and record demanding 1G and 10G networks where system failure or intrusion would greatly undermine and compromise the whole operation. The MX recorder comes with 16TB or 32TB of storage and supports up to four OmniAdapter analysis cards at once.

Omnipliance TL: The most comprehensive network forensics solution from WildPackets, Omnipliance TL offers real-time statistics, network monitoring, and search capabilities to address issues on even the most highly utilized network segment. With industry-leading capture and analysis capabilities up to 25Gbps, the TL model can be used in any setting ranging from highly-utilized network backbones to high-speed WAN links. With up to 128TB of storage, Omnipliance TL archives days or even weeks of network activity, providing a complete recording of all transactions, allowing network engineers and IT staff to investigate all aspects of network, application, and security performance.

What are your individual network needs? Please click here to view the Wildpackets solution that is right for your system.

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