How Wildpackets Tackles VoFi Challenges

As the business world evolves so do the technologies that govern the ways we communicate. It was not that long ago that communications relied solely on landlines that were completely separate from the other communication and computing infrastructures. Over the past several years, voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) services have made major market inroads by offering the complete integration of all communication tools onto a single infrastructure. As many enterprises have turned to VoIP for their wired communications solutions, voice over WiFi (VoFi) is now emerging as a viable alternative, further increasing the cost effectiveness of VoIP.

The benefits of VoFi are tremendous, as it offers a technology that more closely mirrors the evolving business world. Work is simply more mobile today and as such requires better on-the-go communications. Not only does VoFi provide this service, but it can be used in a way that utilizes existing wireless networks, thereby negating the need for a service provider when Wi-Fi networks are available. A few challenges that come along with this technology remain, however, and proper wireless network analysis can help mitigate these challenges.

Too much activity on a single wireless access point (AP) is one of the biggest risks. When the wireless network becomes oversubscribed, VoFi communications can drop, whereas wired VoIP will just decrease in quality. Fortunately, WildPacket’s OmniPeek, offer services that help to evaluate and troubleshoot call quality. This product can be used to optimize your entire system and give you a secure feeling about your communications. Additionally, you can use OmniPeek to monitor VoFi services that feed out to remote offices, verifying call quality and ensuring the system is running at optimal levels.

So as VoFi becomes a more mainstream technology moving forward, consider turning to a best-in-class WildPackets solution to meet any and all issues that may arise. After all, network monitoring is what we do, and nobody does it better.

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