What is the Current State of Network Forensics Adoption?

WildPackets’ first annual network forensics survey closed this month, “Trends in Network Forensics: a look at adoption, uses and importance.” Our goal was to better understand the presence of network forensics solutions within the enterprise and address some of the biggest questions about network forensics.

To answer these questions, we’ve included the results of the survey below. We’ve also provided some of our analysis, which we hope you’ll find useful:

Who took the survey?
More than 250 people completed the survey. Respondents hailed from organizations of all sizes and in various industries – though the technology industry (30 percent) represented the most respondents. The majority of respondents identified themselves as network engineers (50 percent), with 28 percent at the director-level or above.Britain



What we found most interesting was the response to, “Does your organization currently have a network forensics solution in place?” which showed that just 40 percent of respondents have a solution in place even though 51 percent of respondents support 10G and faster network speeds. We’ll be looking into what this means when coupled with other data points below.


What did we find?
Perhaps most surprising was that respondents are not using network forensics for any particular area. Instead, they are incorporating network forensics into many different areas of the enterprise, including troubleshooting security breaches, verifying and troubleshooting transactions, and analyzing network performance. Further proof of the importance of network forensics!


So what?
As we mentioned above, we found it interesting that only 40 percent of respondents have implemented a network forensics solution in their organization even though they are working with 10G or faster networks. Not only do faster networks make it extremely difficult for organizations to troubleshoot and secure the network, but it’s become simply too difficult to transport massive volumes of data on traditional networks.

Therefore, organizations must work to increase their visibility into the network traversing their networks. Network forensics is the only solution capable of not only providing ubiquitous 24/7 visibility into business operations but analyzing network performance and IT risks.

To review the full results, read our report, “Trends in Network Forensics: a look at adoption, uses and importance.”

Thank you!
None of our analysis would be possible without the effort of the 270 respondents who took our survey. We’d like to thank each and every one of you for helping to keep the data accurate and robust.

Everyone who completed the survey was automatically entered into a drawing to win a $50 Amazon gift card. We’ve reached out to our winners, but want to thank them again for helping us gather such amazing data.

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