The Top Benefits of Voice over Wi-Fi (VoFi)

Much of today’s work is done on the move, meaning wireless networks are responsible for carrying much of the data that drives business. With voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) being the primary technology in use in the world of business telephony, the next logical step, voice over Wi-Fi (VoFi) is starting to make noise as well. VoFi offers a number of benefits for companies and their employees, more of whom are starting to take advantage of the technology. Here some of the biggest reasons to look deeper into the technology:

Cost Savings
For some business owners, opening the company’s monthly cell phone bill is pure terror. Making voice calls using Wi-Fi can actually eliminate the need to pay a mobile carrier bloated monthly fees and cut costs quite a bit. As long as there is a hotspot nearby you are good to go.

Far more than a mere buzzword, the amount and quality of work a company gets done is often the primary difference between success and failure. Increased mobile access gives workers the chance to make better use of what has traditionally been considered “downtime,” like traveling from one location to another. In other words, the flexibility of VoFi allows employees to make important calls from trains and planes across all terrains.

A major productivity driver, increased accessibility can boost customer relations by giving companies the ability to respond in a situation that needs immediate attention. For instance, VoFi can be a lifesaver when a decision-maker is out of the office but needs to be reached quickly to approve a service resolution. If customers are forced to wait for a problem to be resolved, frustration, decreased satisfaction and eventually customer churn can result.

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