BYOD and Mission Critical Apps – Let Wireless Forensics Ease Your Pain

The people have spoken, and it seems that BYOD is here to stay. A recent Forrester Research study reports that 60% of workers use their personal mobile devices at work, with some organizations reporting that personal, user-owned devices exceed 75%.

This creates a nightmare for IT teams, who have little to no access to end-user devices. Real-time troubleshooting becomes incredibly difficult, and problems are often reported well after they occur (taking real-time analysis out of the equation altogether). Even more, the integrity of mission-critical applications like corporate data transactions are at risk, leaving organizations to question whether transactions  were actually completed?

Forced to embrace BYOD, and subsequently lose control over corporate apps, how can organizations make sure their networks remain safe?

Wireless forensics solutions give wireless network engineers and security teams a complete recording of WLAN activity over hours or even days. Engineers can use wireless forensics to analyze traffic and instantly determine the root cause of an event, entirely removing guessing and problem reproduction from the equation. Effective wireless forensics provide these four key capabilities:

  • Data Capture: Capture all wireless traffic, on every channel in use, at the source
  • Network Recording: Store all WLAN packets, 24/7, for forensic analysis
  • Search and Inspection:  Enable administrators to comb through archived traffic for anomalies and signs of poor connectivity
  • Reporting: Through data capture and analysis, results of investigations are logged and network vulnerabilities are reviewed and analyzed post-mortem.

Perhaps most importantly, wireless forensics solutions capture data 24/7 and automatically analyze all data collected, which means all the data you need for analysis is available at a moment’s notice. Whether the problem with your mission-critical app is across the room or across the world, wireless forensics gives you immediate access to the most detailed analytics available to get to the root cause of an issue.

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