Changing the Rules: WP Wireless at Cisco Live

The needs of the enterprise have changed. The exponential growth of mobile access and its introduction into the workplace has accelerated the need for network reliability and uptime. As wireless technology rapidly evolves, network engineers are in a race to keep up—both with system interoperability concerns, as well as throughput, reliability, and security issues.

With its increased speeds and capacity, there is no doubt that 802.11ac is set to become the de facto WLAN standard for years to come. This is exciting news for the WLAN industry. But make no mistake; 802.11ac is a game-changer – driving changes in design, implementation, management, and WLAN analysis.
Increased speed and capacity means there is much more data traversing Wi-Fi networks. For WLAN analysis, this means that far more packets need to be analyzed. At the same time, the introduction of more configuration options means that client devices and APs don’t always have the same capabilities. With 802.11ac even the most capable USB WLAN adapters struggle to meet the speeds of new APs and thus struggle with WLAN analysis.

Using APs for packet capture does not require a separate overlay network for monitoring, significantly reducing the overall capital expenditure for WLAN monitoring and analysis. When done correctly, it provides the most cost-effective and flexible remote WLAN analysis system. Using this type of network analysis solution (WildPackets’ OmniPeek is a good example) will allow you to cost effectively address the challenges of monitoring traffic on 802.11ac, while protecting your network investments.

WildPackets and Cisco work together to enable WLAN analysis and troubleshooting directly from the Cisco infrastructure, providing a highly distributed and cost effective analysis solution. Come see this in action at CISCO Live, May 18-22 in San Francisco. We’ll be at booth #728.

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