Unified Communications can be a Boon for Business…if it performs as it should

When was the last time you checked to see if your communication tools and features were performing up to par? Your voice, data, Internet, network security and cloud storage components are mission critical applications and should be treated as such.

Not only is a network monitoring solution crucial to detecting slow or failing components, it is essential to operating your business on a daily basis. As an added benefit, it increases productivity and helps improve your day-to-day operational efficiency.

As a business manager, when considering options to integrate your technology infrastructure, network monitoring and a unified communication solution should go hand in hand. With an effective monitoring application you can unify diverse communications platforms and tools into one seamless solution that will improve both internal and external communications.

Operating multiple infrastructures and disparate applications is a complex process—and it’s not likely to get any simpler. Regardless, system downtime is crippling for any business and simply unacceptable.

Adopting an integrated communications and network monitoring solution provides several benefits for businesses:

  • Increase employee / user productivity by providing quick and easy access to important information
  • Pinpoints when the network is affecting VoIP performance, and vice versa
  • Helps uncover any potential problems before they turn into bigger issues that cost your company money with automatic network monitoring applications
  • Reduces cost by integrating multiple systems into one system
  • Ensures performance for mission critical applications and features

You’ve heard the old saying, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Take the necessary steps today to avoid system delays, productivity losses and excessive costs by choosing the right network monitoring tools for your business.

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