Gigabit WLANs Need Gigabit WLAN Analysis

802.11ac – the newest Wi-Fi standard – is faster, more agile and more robust than any of its predecessors. Wi-Fi at the speed of wired networks is something the industry’s been striving for and something every person who’s ever used wireless can appreciate.

While 802.11ac is revolutionizing how enterprises support the large quantity of devices connected to their corporate networks, most do not yet understand that monitoring and analyzing 802.11ac traffic requires significant changes in the way wireless data is captured. Despite the increased throughput, better capabilities for multiple users, and overall improved features for the content- and data-heavy networks of today, the 802.11ac standard is changing the rules for WLAN troubleshooting, specifically when it comes to packet capture and analysis.

Check out the OnDemand webcast from June 18th that shows a short demo on capturing packets remotely…

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