The Top Benefits of Distributed Network Analysis

Networks are one of the most integral aspects of any organization. Today, as they grow increasingly busy, they’ve also become much more complex. The ubiquity of VoIP and streaming video have introduced incredibly rich data to these networks, and in turn necessitated faster network speeds. Add the explosion in mobile computing and the popularity of BYOD and you’ve not only multiplied the numbers and types of devices that access networks, you’ve multiplied the challenges for those monitoring and troubleshooting these networks.

Any organization’s IT team must have access to comprehensive and insightful analysis solutions for monitoring distributed networks. Distributed analysis can allow for:

  • Capacity Planning: Organizations need to understand current utilization levels so that they can provision new services and technologies.
  • Monitoring for Operations Management: To ensure critical applications are running and meeting employees’ needs, IT teams need real-time and historical insight into network behavior both on-site and in the field.
  • Troubleshooting: Distributed analysis provides network engineers and help desk staff with the powerful tools they need for discovering and resolving network issues.

As technology continues to grow in capability and speed, networks are sure to follow. Consider distributed network analysis for your network before the speed and data become too much for your solution to bear.

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