Introducing Omni 8.0

Today we released version 8.0 of our Omni Distributed Analysis Platform. Version 8.0 provides detailed traffic analysis and more accurate network troubleshooting in latency-sensitive transactional environments.

In addition to WildPackets timestamping, Omni 8.0 Integrates timestamps from network packet brokers including APCON, Gigamon, and Ixia. Timestamping is a critical feature in latency-sensitive organizations, such as large enterprises and financial institutions.

Speed is especially important in financial institutions and enterprises where nanosecond speed is required to gain a competitive advantage. To hear more on this topic, and if you are in the New York area on Tuesday July 15, register for an evening reception with Ronan Ryan to hear his perspective on the bestselling book Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt.

Precise timestamping in these environments ensure more accurate network analysis for faster, more precise troubleshooting. Ultimately, allowing organizations to maintain peak network performance.

To learn more about Omni 8.0 visit here and read the full press release

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