Security Series Part 3: Improved Network Forensic Performance Bolsters Security Posture

Data breaches are constantly occurring in organizations of all sizes and industries. As such, you should assume that you’re under attack, or that one is forthcoming, and plan accordingly with network forensics tools. These tools must be able to capture, store, and analyze all network incidents going across the wire and replay them as needed. When a data breach occurs, these devices are invaluable.

An effective network forensics solution gives IT organizations and security teams a complete record and analysis of network activity over hours or days. When security tools raise alerts, IT organizations can use the network forensics tools to analyze traffic and find proof that an attack has actually taken place.

Common use cases for forensics include: 1) Confirming whether an incident was a false positive or real 2) Finding proof of a security attack 3) Identifying the source of data leaks 4) Monitoring user activity for IT/HR compliance and 5) Verifying business transactions.

Earlier this week, WildPackets announced the release of Omni 8.0 which accepts  time stamping from network packet brokers such as APCON, Gigamon, and Ixia. In addition, Omni 8.0 offers greatly improved forensics performance by up to 64%! Along with our record breaking capture-to-disk speed of up to 25 Gbps, this improvement enables IT and security analysts to more quickly search network traffic for clear signs of attacks and jump start the journey to remediate the issue.

See an example of the search capabilities of leaked data in the video below..

For a summary of our network forensic solutions while investigating a security attack, download this whitepaper or visit here.

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