Use Comprehensive VoIP Monitoring & Analysis to Improve Performance

With over 10 years of deployment history, VoIP is the primary voice solution for just about every company in existence – large, medium, or small. But even with all that history, recent research from TRAC shows that VoIP is still the number one IT initiative impacting network performance. And, with the growth of 802.11 and Wi-Fi enabled smart phones, the use of voice over Wi-Fi (VoFi) promises to increase the volume of VoIP traffic even more.

However, analysis of VoIP traffic alone is not enough – it should be merely one component of your overall network performance analysis. After all, VoIP is just another type of data impacting your network’s overall performance. The answer: monitor and analyze the network as a whole, including voice and video over IP.

Join us on July 23rd  for a webinar to see how easy WildPackets has made it to capture and analyze voice, video, and data traffic simultaneously. We’ll demonstrate how simultaneous capture and analysis allows you to pinpoint the impact of each data type on your overall network performance.

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