How Much Do You Really Know About Your Application Performance?

Oftentimes, when we think about network performance and reliability, downtime and its massive financial impact immediately spring to mind. But as executives and IT professionals understand, a network doesn’t have to crash completely to sap a company’s revenue. Sometimes it only takes one troublesome application to sap the bottom line.

Indeed, most business leaders are well aware of how important quality of service for applications is to customers. From online shopping carts to customer service chat, users simply won’t wait for an application that lags or stalls. In an era when consumers expect instant gratification, waiting is a thing of the past.

Unfortunately, many of the available tools for application and network monitoring are overly simplistic, reporting the application’s response time but offering no detailed analysis about what is causing the problem. In that regard, the difference between WildPackets’ solutions and other products is night and day.

The OmniPeek Network Analyzer allows network engineers to drill down through detailed analysis and reports to get to the heart of any problem and troubleshoot quickly. These detailed data views provide engineers an unprecedented understanding of how networks and applications are performing and how that performance is affecting end users. OmniPeek also offers application performance monitoring in the context of overall network activity with metrics like:

  • Round-trip network delay
  • Server responsiveness
  • Database transactions per second
  • Application vs. network response times

Even if your development team creates dynamic applications your competitors don’t offer, they can’t create value if they don’t perform optimally. Like any offering, applications are assets that should be protected—and with the OmniPeek Analyzer, yours will be safe and sound.

Click here to download our white paper, “Application Performance Index: Measuring the Quality of Experience.”

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