Wireless Field Day 7: What went on at WildPackets

Last week, we participated in our third Wireless Field Day event, hosting 12 of the industry’s top wireless professionals at our headquarters.  During the 2-hour event, we dove into demos of our Omni Distributed Analysis Platform 8.0, which were very well received.

Omar Vasquez tweet

For those of you who missed the live stream of our presentation, we’ve included some highlights below:

Using Onboard Macbook WLAN Adapters for Captures:
One of the most well received aspects of the presentation was our demonstration of using the built-in high-speed 11ac WLAN adapters in Macbooks (Air and Pro) for WLAN packet capture. By making a few enhancements to one of our most popular capture adapters (the Remote TCPDump Adapter), OmniPeek can now take advantage of the internal WLAN adapter in a Macbook for collecting data. Macbooks have some of the fastest built-in Wi-Fi available (2-stream 11ac in the Macbook Air and 3-stream 11ac in the Macbook Pro), making them very powerful platforms for WLAN analysis. And by using the internal WLAN adapter you don’t need to have an external WLAN USB adapter dangling from your Macbook. All you need is OmniPeek running within a VM on the Macbook (any VM will do), or BootCamp, and a small software plug-in from WildPackets and you’re all set. You can find detailed information, and the required plug-in, here.

Watch the video below to learn more about how you can capture 3-stream 802.11ac packets from a MacBook or MacBook Air:

WildPackets Tcpdump Remote Adapter from Stephen Foskett on Vimeo.

And Much, Much More:
Capturing directly from Macbooks isn’t all we covered! In case you missed the original stream of the event, you can catch the remaining videos here. And, as always – reach out to us on Twitter @WildPackets or via the comment section of our blog if you have any additional questions.

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