Is Your Wireless Network Feeling Neglected?

During the past several years, businesses have increasingly transitioned from traditional landlines to wireless systems as their primary communications medium. Enterprises and SMBs alike are embracing the 802.11ac standard, which expands wireless network capacity and reliability.

But in much the same way that faster wired networks are proving challenging to manage, wireless networks are presenting engineers with new security and performance problems of their own.

Along with the ability run more complex, intricate business applications on wireless networks than ever before comes the need for real-time troubleshooting. In particular, businesses transferring more data at faster speeds for BYOD, video or voice over Wireless (VoFi) need a wireless network analyzer to help IT departments keep these mission-critical services up and running. When an application experiences even short-lived latency, let alone significant downtime, productivity falls right along with network speed.

WildPackets’ wireless network monitoring solutions provide engineers the high-level visibility they need to snuff out any potential issues—from security vulnerabilities to traffic overload—before they become catastrophes. WildPackets can help companies reduce downtime or other network disturbances by providing:

  • 24/7 real-time analysis of everything on the network
  • Capture of network traffic from multiple channels simultaneously
  • The ability to track mobile users as they move to new channels and access points
  • The capability to track wireless conversations, authentications and other events to ensure only authorized users gain access
  • Sophisticated alerts and notifications to potential problems
  • Pinpointing of the precise source of any problem

Click here to read about WildPackets’ wireless network analysis and troubleshooting solutions featuring the industry’s first-ever network analyzer for gigabit wireless networks.

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