Cyber Monday: A Favorite Holiday for Hackers

As if retailers needed another reason to be anxious about cybercrime, Cyber Monday—also known as the Monday after Thanksgiving—is just days away. While sales are expected to surge for online retailers, they also now have to contend with cyber criminals who are ready to hack.

In recent years, hackers have made a habit of striking en masse, taking advantage of the incredible volume of e-commerce during Cyber Monday. For businesses that fall victim to an attack, any hope of a fiscally successful holiday season immediately takes a major hit. A recent survey from the Ponemon Institute found that holiday hacks can cost retailers around $8,000 per minute, or $480,000 an hour. To protect themselves against these malicious intruders, retailers should consider adopting network monitoring solutions that include robust network forensics capabilities.

Put simply, network forensics solutions give your engineers the tools they need to recognize an attack quickly, even on a high-speed network, by collecting and storing all information in a single location. With a clear view of all traffic, engineers can drill down quickly into any anomalies and uncover the source of a data or security breach. Your IT security team can even create filters that isolate malicious behavior from normal traffic. Your engineers can set up notifications to alert them when the filter is triggered and they can immediately begin to root out the intruder before significant damage occurs.

Last but not least, network forensics lets your IT security teams reconstruct network events, whether they occurred hours ago or weeks before. Using this capability engineers can study an attack—as hackers are constantly coming up with new techniques—to better prepare for future incidents. After all, cyber attacks won’t stop after Cyber Monday.

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