WildPackets Host Free Webinar Series on Network Forensics and Security

As attackers and attack vectors evolve more and more every day, further evidence pertaining to breaches and data exfiltration attacks come to surface only in Web traffic. When you suspect an attack, you need to answer the questions who, what, when and how – fast. Network forensics offers the best answer. Security analysts and network engineers can use network forensics to analyze what tactics a hacker used to infiltrate the network. With a clear view of all traffic, engineers can drill down quickly into any anomalies and uncover the source of a data or security breach. Knowing the importance of this tool, we thought it valuable to offer a series of free webinars on leveraging modern network forensics to protect your data.

On December 17th, Jay Botelho, Director of Product Management for Wildpackets will cohost with Keatron Evans, Principal of Blink Digital Security. They will be highlighting how network forensics—network traffic recording along with powerful search and analysis tools—can enable your in–house security team to track down, verify and characterize attacks. Keatron will look into a few real-world security breach scenarios as well as demonstrate best practices for attack analysis using network forensics.  We’ll look at common “browse by” hacks, rootkit based exfiltration and covert channel communications as the attack vectors and how to investigate them.

On December 19th, WildPackets resident experts will host a live, hands-on workshop with interactive demos and use cases.

Register at the below sites to participate:

Dec 17thLearn How to Use Network Forensics to Investigate Security Breaches

Dec 19thNetwork Forensics for Security Investigations

If you are interested in learning about network monitoring, analysis trends and best practices for troubleshooting wireless networks and virtual environments, don’t miss these webinars.

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