Your WLAN Is Widely Dispersed, But What About Your Analysis Capability?

Let’s say you’re a growing business that’s run out of space on the floor you currently occupy in your office building, so you choose to expand your operations to available space on the floor below. Now that your users and equipment are more spread out, you need a way to ensure they all remain connected to your network.

Wi-Fi solves that problem easily and, before you know it, your WLAN stretches to both floors.

While you’re celebrating your success, however, it’s important to remember that a high-speed dispersed WLAN can be difficult to monitor. Or at least it used to be, right up until WildPackets launched its Omnipliance WiFi Analysis & Recorder Appliance.

As the only wireless network analyzer capable of capturing and storing wireless data at multi-Gbps speeds, the Omnipliance Wi-Fi Analysis & Recorder Appliance offers network engineers a new level of visibility for IT engineers. The device can conduct roaming, voice or multi-channel analysis, as well as detect and analyze trouble anywhere on the network, 24 x 7. Using the data captured directly from your AP, IT engineers can:

  • Troubleshoot network performance issues, that occurred minutes, hours, or days earlier
  • Find proof of security attacks, including data breaches, suggested by alerts raised by other security tools
  • Support critical applications like email, VoIP or Voice over Wi-Fi (VoFi).

If you’d like to learn more about how you can improve the way you manage and monitor your Wi-Fi network, click here for the Omnipliance Wi-Fi data sheet.

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