Point-of-Sale Malware Hits Black Market

During last year’s holiday season, Target was the victim of a massive data breach that turned out to be just the first in a long line of malicious intrusions among corporations. The Target breach was perpetrated using malware that tapped into and scanned computers connected to point-of-sale systems that process credit card payments.

Now, it seems, the same kind of point-of-sale malware used in the Target breach and a number of other attacks this past year is available in underground markets for as little as $2,000. Unfortunately for businesses that maintain large quantities of customer data, that availability means all cybercriminals—even those without the skills to develop and execute a sophisticated attack themselves—are a threat to network security.

The simple reality for contemporary businesses is that they must be prepared for attempted intrusions because they will be hit with multiple attacks.  In fact, in the US, at least one business is attacked every hour. Network monitoring solutions that include network forensics capabilities give IT engineers the visibility they need to ferret out these attacks and take decisive action. The four pillars of a complete cyber attack analysis solution are:

  • Network Recording – capturing network traffic from 1G, 10G and 40G networks around the clock for forensic analysis
  • Searching and Inspection – enabling administrators and security experts to comb through archived traffic for anomalies and signs of security events
  • Trend Analysis and Baselining – characterizing network and application usage so that anomalies can be detected more quickly
  • Reporting – capturing data and distilling analysis into reports so that security and IT experts can log the results of their investigations and review network vulnerabilities in post-mortem analysis

With more malicious weapons available to cybercriminals, businesses need advanced tools that help them meet network security challenges. So, is your organization prepared for these threats? If you’d like to learn more about how to upgrade your security, click here to read our white paper, “Network Forensics 101: Finding the Needle in the Haystack.”

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