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Top Three Benefits of 10G

It’s a digital world, and every machine connected to the network is demanding more data, more applications, and more access at a rapid rate. Heavy workloads can max out bandwidth, overtax servers, and lead to frustrating bottlenecks, especially if server network is not keeping pace with the demand.

To avoid those problems, businesses are migrating from 1G to 10G networks. Let’s take a look at the top three benefits 10G has to offer.

Reduced costs: 10G allows for fewer Ethernet ports, which reduces overall infrastructure. This translates to fewer IT hours spent configuring network interface controllers, less money spent on cooling and power in the data center, and increased efficiency due to fewer components to set up, monitor, and run.

Increased scalability: More bandwidth means more room for applications to scale. This increases network performance and lowers the incidence of bottlenecks, ensuring optimum application availability, no matter how many virtual machines are accessing the network. According to a whitepaper by Cisco, 10G Ethernet allows each virtual machine more than one Gbps of bandwidth, giving applications more room to scale, both in terms of storage and production traffic.

Simplified management: A 10G network is simpler, more streamlined, and allows for more consistent configurations between servers. That means applications are more accessible and available, without added infrastructure that can fail or added IT hours spent dealing with added components to increase bandwidth or accessibility.

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