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5 Ways OmniPeek 7.0 Can Adapt To Your Growing Network

Network monitoring and analysis has been the core value that WildPackets has offered for the past two decades. With each new release, we support the latest advances in networking technology, in the most powerful and usable product in its class.

This time around, we are excited to introduce OmniPeek 7.0. Our newest version addresses issues that can be experienced with growing networks: end-user problems, latency and performance, and new abilities in wireless.

In this blog entry, we have pulled together five ways that OmniPeek 7.0 can adapt to your growing network, and help maintain consistency for all network users.

1. Send a Software Assistant, not a Network Engineer
OmniPeek 7.0 now offers remote analysis without requiring a network engineer to go onsite to capture data. OmniPeek Remote Assistant lets nontechnical users capture data from their workstations and send the information back to the network engineer.

2. Enhanced Visibility with Compass Dashboard
Compass is a signature feature of WildPackets’ network monitoring. Now we are offering enhancements to this interactive dashboard to provide more results with less effort.

OmniPeek 7.0 integrates our expert analysis into Compass to allow direct visual correlation of network traffic and network health problems. Just click on an event, and Compass will show you the corresponding flow.

Performance problems also become easy to identify and diagnose with the new latency views in Compass for graphical analysis of network and application latency.

3. Tracking Latency to its Source
As you add more subnets and segments to your network, you may inadvertently add more potential problems, or increase the demands on your existing infrastructure to uncover problems that were hidden.  OmniPeek 7.0 gives you a solution with Multi-Segment Analysis, which correlates capture data from across your network, in a single screen, to identify which segments are experiencing the most packet loss and latency. Leverage the power of OmniEngine software probes and Omnipliance and TimeLine network recorders to enhance your network visibility as you expand your network.

4. Complete Wireless Coverage
When your wireless network grows, the result will be multiple access points, usually on non-overlapping channels. This presents a dilemma: how can you monitor all of your network’s channels without encountering the lag time and data gaps that go with round robin channel sampling? Channel aggregation in OmniPeek 7.0 enables users to capture data across multiple channels simultaneously without experiencing gaps in captured data or missing packets.

OmniPeek 7.0 also provides automatic client roaming tracking. Multiple access points may result in user devices jumping from AP to AP, roaming within the wireless network. Roaming is generally a sign that a client is having signal problems, so excessive roaming may be an indication that there are gaps in Wi-Fi coverage. Additionally, there’s no standard to specify what should cause a client to roam: different vendors use different algorithms. The automatic roam tracking in OmniPeek 7.0 can therefore help you decide what Wi-Fi clients work best in your environment.

5. Adding more 802.11 Protocols
There are new capabilities that have been added to 802.11 and Wi-Fi, and OmniPeek 7.0 supports them. Whether you need analysis on 802.11k, r, u, v, w or even 802.11ac, we’ve got you covered.

As network technology continues to advance, and demand grows for more data faster, OmniPeek continues to provide the simplicity and visibility to keep up with your growing network.

For more information about OmniPeek 7.0, click here.