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Savvius at Interop: April 28-April 30

Hot off the heels of RSA, the Savvius team is making the trip to Las Vegas for Interop this week. Interop brings together the brightest minds in the IT industry to exhibit the latest technology innovations in applications, cloud, collaboration infrastructure, mobility, networking and virtualization. Savvius will be exhibiting during the show and was selected as a finalist for 2015 Best of Interop Award for its Omnipliance Wi-Fi technology.

Savvius will be demonstrating its new OmniPeek 9.0 on the expo floor highlighting application aware network analytics and troubleshooting abilities through Deep Packet Inspection technology licensed from Procera Networks. There will also be informative material on the Savvius Vigil security appliance that you don’t want to miss.

Come see the entire line of Savvius products at booth 2445!

Add Network Monitoring Deployment to Your New Year’s Resolutions

With 2015 coming quickly, most businesses are carefully re-examining their goals and objectives in light of new technologies that have proven successful in their industry during the past year or two. If for your company this includes upgrading network speed to support more complex applications—or if you’ve made the change already—deploying network monitoring and network forensics should top your list of New Year’s resolutions.

Moving to 10G or 40G network speed significantly improves your ability to support video, web browsing, email, instant messaging, and other internal and end-user applications. At the same time, however, increasing bandwidth and allowing more traffic to traverse your network makes it more difficult for your network engineer to keep an eye on all activity 24/7.

Best-in-class network monitoring solutions like WildPackets’ OmniPeek Network Analyzer help you tackle this visibility issue with features such as a network traffic dashboard, which allows IT to quickly drill down to the details of any single node. With OmniPeek, your IT team has access to Interactive real-time monitoring of key network statistics, can easily view application vs. network latency, and can instantly drill down to packets.

Additionally, OmniPeek offers sophisticated notifications that alert your IT team when performance drops below a predetermined level. These warnings ensure your engineers can quickly address a small network issue (e.g., like an occasional dropped packet) before it becomes a bigger problem (e.g., significant latency or even a full-fledged outage).

Last but not least, network forensics functions help you avoid or quickly detect and deal with data breaches, cyber attacks, HR violations and other network security issues. Network forensics can capture days or even weeks worth of traffic and give your team 24/7/365 access to all this information for review. These solutions go a long way toward ensuring your organization doesn’t become the next JP Morgan, Target, Home Depot or P.F. Chang’s by providing capabilities such as:

  • Comprehensive data collection: Hours or even days of network traffic—anything that crosses the network, whether email, IM, VoIP, FTP, HTML, or some other application or protocol
  • Flexible data collection: All data gathered on a network segment for future inspection or focus on a specific user or server
  • High-level analysis: Expert analysis, graphical reports, and application performance scoring

Perhaps the best thing about putting network monitoring adoption on your list of resolutions is that you don’t have to rely on your willpower to get it done. Instead, you can put top-notch security measures in place and rest easy all year knowing your network is secure.

Are you lacking visibility into your high-speed network and looking to turn things around in the year to come? Click here to download our information kit.

Cyber Security Tops Boardroom Concerns

The findings from FTI Consulting’s recently released “Law in the Boardroom” survey of directors and general counsels are predictable but unsettling nonetheless. When asked what issues keep them up nights, respondents—all from the legal profession— cited data security more than any other concern.

In truth, it’s hard to imagine how network breaches and data theft wouldn’t be at the top of anybody’s list of corporate nightmares. The damages from such incidents are escalating and the incidents themselves are happening with greater frequency. Many companies are struggling to find solutions to this threat.

For instance, following a string of retailer breaches during the past year, the medical community was hit recently when Community Health Systems (CHS)—one of the nation’s largest operators of general acute care hospitals—lost HIPAA-protected information for approximately 4.5 million patients to hackers. On Monday, Aug. 18, the organization filed papers with the SEC saying that the intruding group—who CHS believes is based in China—“used highly sophisticated malware and technology to attack the company’s systems” and “was able to bypass the company’s security measures and successfully copy and transfer certain data outside the company.”

Considering the potential fines, the cost of providing credit monitoring to those affected and the public embarrassment, CHS has a huge mess on its hands. Patients who had records stolen are now at increased risk of identity theft; additionally, they have suffered a major invasion of privacy.

What these crippling breaches continue to make clear is network monitoring and forensics solutions are now essential to information security. Unfortunately, with hackers being trained all over the world, information theft and breach attempts are going to continue. The only question is how prepared your company will be to offset these risks.

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